Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Grades Are In...

For the past several days, Anna Blanch has undertaken the monolithic task of briefly reviewing every blog featured among's 100 Top Theology Blogs. Here's what she had to say about yours truly:

Confessions of a Bible Junkie: A scholarly biblical studies blog. Matthew Burgess (MA - Religion (Yale)) is a current doctoral student in the Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity program at the University of Virginia. Once again, this blog is incorrectly categorized as "writings" and would be better classified as Academic. He often links to the Review of Biblical Literature and the SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) Forum monthly along with biblioblogs carnivals. Design-wise, my only criticism is that the size of the font is a little on the small side. I'd like to see some more original content from Burgess (that's the reason for the B grade) [this is meant as constructive encouragement] although he does link to .pdf's of his own papers and research.

Making the Grade:
Scope - B+
Quality - B
Theological Leanings - ?

Overall, I consider this to be a pretty fair assessment (although I don't see a significant size difference between my font and Anna's, and as Nick Norelli so sagaciously pointed out to me, it's often better to write fewer posts of higher quality than to produce a plethora of drivel... not that I encounter any drivel in the biblioblog world!). One of my recent academic resolutions has been to increase my attention to and involvement in the blogosphere, including additional postings. There's a lot to be learned from this dynamic community, and scholars who are unwilling or unable to avail themselves of it are missing out on a vital resource. As for the resolution, so far, so good... I'm on pace to write more posts this year than ever before! And I will certainly do my best to implement Anna's "constructive encouragement"... although as any current or former doctoral student is aware, what I really need are a few more hours in the day. ;-)


Anonymous said...

But drivel is the secret to my success! ;-)

Matthew Burgess said...

Hilarious! However, I would still disagree... I never consider your posts to be drivel. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great blog title. I'm including it on my blogroll just for that. I'm sure it's great, and I'll be reading from now on, but the title is what got me.

Matthew Burgess said...


Anna Blanch said...


thanks for the response. The font size appears to be about 5pt from where I read. Maybe it is a matter of what browser you are viewing from. I really enjoy your blog - it was definitely one of the gems on the list and I appreciate the links and commentary on the biblioblog world. I like it so much I wanted to hear more from you!


Matthew Burgess said...

Thanks, Anna!