Friday, April 18, 2008

RBL Highlights: 4/18/08

And speaking of the RBL, here are some recent highlights:

John Barton
The Nature of Biblical Criticism
Reviewed by James D. G. Dunn

Roland Boer
Symposia: Dialogues Concerning the History of Biblical Interpretation
Reviewed by Henning Graf Reventlow

Andrew Chester
Messiah and Exaltation: Jewish Messianic and Visionary Traditions and New Testament Christology
Reviewed by Martin Karrer

Zeba A. Crook
Reconceptualising Conversion: Patronage, Loyalty, and Conversion in the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
Reviewed by Dietmar Neufeld

A. Andrew Das
Solving the Romans Debate
Reviewed by Don Garlington

James M. Robinson
Jesus: According to the Earliest Witness
Reviewed by Robert A. Derrenbacker Jr.

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
The Power of the Word: Scripture and the Rhetoric of Empire
Reviewed by Warren Carter

Peter Jeffery Responds to Scott Brown

I recently received an e-mail from Peter Jeffery in which he indicated that the Review of Biblical Literature has refused to publish his reply to Scott Brown's extensive review of his recent book The Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled (which has received high praise from a number of Yale faculty, including Harry Attridge). As a result, his reply may be found here; other related material is available here.