Monday, August 11, 2008

Two New Titles from SBL

A recent announcement from the SBL:

Two New Titles from SBL Publications

John Rufus: The Lives of Peter the Iberian, Theodosius of Jerusalem, and the Monk Romanus
Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Cornelia B. Horn and Robert R. Phenix Jr.

This book makes available for the first time in English important works by the anti-Chalcedonian historian and biographer John Rufus on Peter the Iberian, Theodosius of Jerusalem, and Abba Romanus, three key figures of the Christian history of Palestine in the fifth and early sixth centuries c.e. The work offers a new critical edition of the Syriac text; the first-ever published English translation; a substantial introduction to Palestinian monasticism, the christological controversies of the time, and the life and writings of John Rufus; and ample annotations to a Syriac text whose Greek original is no longer available. By providing access to the Christian landscape (literally and metaphorically) in late antique and early Byzantine times, this volume offers a valuable counterbalance from a minority perspective to the biographical and historical writings of the Chalcedonian apologist Cyril of Scythopolis.

Paper $51.95 — ISBN 9781589832008 — 464 pages — Writings from the Greco-Roman World 24 — Hardback edition

The Chronicler's Genealogies: Towards an Understanding of 1 Chronicles 1–9
James T. Sparks

The genealogies of 1 Chronicles 1–9 have typically been seen to have no internal consistency or purpose and little relation to the narrative portions of Chronicles. In contrast, this study shows that the genealogical section of the Chronicler’s work is an ordered, well-structured, unified whole. The Chronicler presents his genealogies chiastically, with the aim of the chiasm to uphold the cult and cultic officials as the center of the nation’s life. The genealogies indicate that society is sent into exile because of the unfaithfulness of the people and their leaders. Only through the proper attention to the cult and its elements can atonement be made and the people possess their land.

$47.95 — ISBN 9781589833654 — 404 pages — Academia Biblica 28 — Hardback edition

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