Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Semester's Worth of Work Reduced to Two Links... Sigh...

The usual insanity which accompanies the end of any semester, coupled with the preparation of a number of excruciatingly detailed doctoral applications (almost all of which are now complete, thank goodness), has severely curtailed my posting over the past few weeks. However, thanks to the virtually infinite capacity of the internet, I am able to share something other than mere publication announcements and RBL links: my recent term papers for Sibling Rivalries (Prof. Joel Kaminsky) and Exegesis of Hebrews (Prof. Harry Attridge). If any of you are dying to explore the complex historical and hermeneutical relationship between Jesus and his siblings or the contribution of the Arian/Nicene controversy to the canonization of Hebrews, then these are for you!

As I've mentioned before, your comments are welcome... as long as they're glowing. Otherwise, don't bother. ;-)

Sibling Rivalries-Final Paper

Exegesis of Hebrews-Final Paper

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