Thursday, January 3, 2008

BAR Highlights: 1/3/08

More recent archaeological news from Biblical Archaeology Review:

Hands Off the Pyramids

Egypt plans to copyright its ancient monuments and artifacts and charge royalties for reproducing them.

Church Restoration
An Iraqi antiquities official is determined to restore a 1,500-year-old church 40 miles southwest of Karbala.

Go West, Young Man
Recent discoveries in the Lybian desert indicate that the area was home to much more ancient Egyptian activity than previously realized.

A Nice Wreck
A well-preserved shipwreck off the Cyprus coast is expected to yield important evidence of trade in the Mediterranean world of the fourth century B.C.

It’s in the Bag

A bag of tools left by a hunter-gatherer in 12,000 B.C. provides a look into life in the Natufian culture of pre-historic Jordan.

Scrolls Go Digital
In a project that could take up to five years, a team at King’s College London will take high-resolution digital photos of the Dead Sea Scrolls and make them available on the internet.

Egyptian Glass
Cardiff University researchers have reconstructed a 14th-century B.C. oven for making glass, showing that glassmaking techniques in ancient Egypt were more advanced than previously recognized.

Hot Items
The recent record-setting sale of an ancient figurine points up the fact that antiquities are considered a strong investment.

Friends, Romans, Londoners

An exhibit features a hoard of late Roman artifacts discovered in the heart of London.

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