Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SBL Program Book... Plus, an Added Bonus!

I received my AAR/SBL program book today. There are a number of can't-miss panels and section meetings... and of course I'll have to find some time to hit the exhibit hall! ;-) In addition, I discovered an advertisement for a new (and completely free!) Greek resource:

Greek Bible Study

Mark Goodacre posted a brief endorsement of his own today. I played with it for a few minutes this evening, and my initial impressions are also very positive. The KJV and NASB versions may be viewed in parallel with Tischendorf's edition of the Greek New Testament. The Greek vocabulary is color-coded according to parsing. After logging into the site, the user may save his/her translations and textual notes for later use. There is even a "Graduated Reader" feature, which displays certain portions of the Greek text once the user indicates that he/she has completed the corresponding sections in William Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek.

If you're a veteran Greek student looking for some additional practice, or a neophyte looking to engage in independent study for the first time, this is the resource for you!

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