Thursday, January 22, 2009

NT and Early Christianity Online: Can I Do It?

At various points throughout the life of this blog, I've attempted to compose regular posts describing and responding to various courses in which I've been enrolled... and if these attempts were graded, each would necessarily receive an "Incomplete." The semester gets busier and busier... projects, proposals, and reading assignments pile up... and blogging of any kind seems to fall by the wayside. Nevertheless, memories of these past failures have not deterred me from a new project: to post my notes from my current teaching assignment (assisting Prof. Harry Gamble in his lecture course, Introduction to the New Testament and Early Christianity). To those of you back at dear old Christ Church United Methodist in Louisville who were asking about how to better grasp the historical context of Jesus and the earliest Christian movements: see if these resources whet your appetite! My first set of lecture notes may be viewed below:

RELC 122 Notes: 1/21

Enjoy... and wish me luck! ;-)

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