Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yay for Chris Beeley!

Last month's Religion Newsletter from Oxford University Press--which remained thoroughly submerged beneath a deluge of post-commencement e-mails until this evening--contained a blurb announcing the publication of a new tome by my former Patristics professor, Chris Beeley. I suppose he was working during that recent year-long sabbatical, after all. ;-) Congratulations are most certainly in order!

Gregory of Nazianzus on the Trinity and the Knowledge of God
Christopher A. Beeley

Christopher Beeley's groundbreaking study—the first comprehensive treatment in modern scholarship—examines Gregory's doctrine of the Trinity within the full range of his theological and practical vision. Long eclipsed in modern scholarship, Gregory Nazianzen is now brought into full view as the major witness to the Trinity among the Greek fathers of the Church.

The concurrent Classics Newsletter included another particularly interesting title:

Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greek Religion, Judaism, and Christianity, 100 BC to AD 200
Maria-Zoe Petropoulou

This is a study of animal sacrifice within Greek paganism, Judaism, and Christianity during the period of their interaction between about 100 BC and AD 200. After a vivid account of the realities of sacrifice in the Greek East and in the Jerusalem Temple (up to AD 70), Maria-Zoe Petropoulou explores the attitudes of early Christians towards this practice.

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