Saturday, July 26, 2008

New from Fortress: The Social History of Ancient Israel

A recent announcement from Fortress:

The Social History of Ancient Israel: An Introduction

Rainer Kessler
Translated by Linda M. Maloney

How Israel lived—from the beginnings to the Hellenistic Age

Histories of ancient Israel have usually focused attention on major figures in powerful positions: kings, prophets, and patriarchs. Kessler asks about the larger social patterns that shaped the everyday life of ordinary people, from the emergence of Israel in the hills of Canaan, to the Jewish populations of Greek city-states in the Hellenistic age.

The introductory section includes discussion of social history as discipline and as method, event history and the "long haul," the representation of social history, and the history of research. Two other sections explore the methods of the social history of Israel and the epochs of Israel's social history, including discussions of environment as living space, Israel's emergence as a kinship-based society, exile and its consequences, and more. Includes a time line, glossary of terms, maps and illustrations.

Format: Paperback 284 pages 6 x 9 inches
Item No: 9780800662820
Price: $29.00

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