Sunday, March 30, 2008

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Publications News

Recent Reprints:
Hymnic Affirmation of Divine Justice, James L. Crenshaw
Prophetic Conflict: Its Effect upon Israelite Religion, James L. Crenshaw
A Comprehensive Bilingual Concordance of the Hebrew and Greek Texts of Ecclesiastes, John Jarick
Semitic Interference in Marcan Syntax, Elliott C. Maloney
The Hand of the Lord: A Reassessment of the "Ark Narrative" of 1 Samuel, Patrick D. Miller and J. J. M. Roberts
Sepher Ha-Razim: The Book of Mysteries, Michael A. Morgan
Logos and Sophia: The Rhetorical Situation of 1 Corinthians, Stephen M. Pogoloff
The Syriac Version of the Psalms of Solomon: A Critical Evaluation, Joseph L. Trafton

Brown Judaic Studies Reprints:
Sparda by the Bitter Sea, Jack Martin Balcer
Sectarian Law in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Courts, Testimony and the Penal Code, Lawrence H. Schiffman
Fear Not Warrior: The Study of 'al tira' Pericopes in the Hebrew Scriptures, Edgar W. Conrad
Babylonian Witchcraft Literature: Case Studies, Tzvi Abusch
The Doctrine of the Divine Name: An Introduction to Classical Kabbalistic Theology, Stephen G. Wald

New on The SBL Forum:
In Essential Links: Harvard Passes Resolution on Open Access
Also: Announcing a new email discussion list for biblical studies, called "The Biblicalist"

Most new, recent, and backlist titles are available to SBL members at a 40% discount through June 15, 2008. This discount applies to SBL and Brown Judaic Studies titles. It does not apply to titles from Sheffield Phoenix Press. Download the order form or order online using promo code SPG2008.

SBL Publications is adding ten new books to the Online Books Program this month. For the complete list of books available, click here.

Calendar items for March 2008
For more information on all Events listed, click here.

3/27-3/28 Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting
Hyatt Regency
New Brunswick, NJ

3/28-3/29 Rocky Mountains - Great Plains Regional Meeting
Denver, CO
Hosted by Denver Seminary

3/28-3/29 Upper Midwest Regional Meeting
Luther Seminary
St. Paul, Minnesota

3/30-3/31 Central States Regional Meeting
St. Louis, Missouri

3/30-3/31 Pacific Coast Regional Meeting
Hosted by Fuller Theological Seminary

3/31 Call for Papers Deadline
"Septuagint Translation(s): Retrospect and Prospect"
Septuagint Institute
Trinity Western University

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