Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome Back, Jim West!

Although this is a little late (he's already written 22 posts in less than two days!), I feel compelled to add my name to the list of those grateful for Jim West's return to the biblioblogging world, despite his initial qualms about doing so. Before his exhaustive and exceedingly popular blog was senselessly deleted by hackers a few days ago, his words frequently rang out throughout cyberspace, calling us to examine and discuss the latest developments in the world of biblical studies, the latest deplorable depravities committed by deviant clergy, etc. Many people have written that they always considered Jim to be a provocative dialogue partner despite dramatic differences of opinion; I, on the other hand, frequently found myself in agreement with his charming rants, with one significant exception (I happen to like Wikipedia, while he thinks it's an abomination). I look forward to reading Jim's ever-humorous musings over my breakfast once more, and encourage everyone to give his new blog a look.

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