Friday, November 30, 2007

New: From Jesus to the Gospels

A recent announcement from Fortress:

Helmut Koester Reveals Traditions Behind the Gospels

In From Jesus to the Gospels: Interpreting the New Testament in Its Context Helmut Koester, one of today's foremost New Testament scholars, offers a lifetime's insights into the message of the historical Jesus and the practices and trajectories that shaped the Jesus tradition.

Koester's vast knowledge of the ancient world and the literature of the early Christian movements informs these historically and theologically astute essays.

Topics include the early "Q" community, extracanonical sayings of Jesus, early liturgical practices, the theologies of the canonical Gospels, and impulses toward Gnosticism and beyond.

Helmut Koester is John H. Morison Research Professor of Divinity and Winn Research Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Chair of the New Testament Board of the Hermeneia commentary series.

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