Thursday, September 20, 2007

BAR Highlights: 9/20/07

More recent archaeological news from Biblical Archaeological Review:

A Second Flood?
A planned dam in Turkey will destroy an ancient Mesopotamian city.

Egypt Pines for Nefertiti

The country is miffed that its request for a 3-month loan of the famed statue of the ancient queen has been rebuffed by Germany. More international tensions may be in the offing: Egypt may soon seek to borrow the Rosetta Stone from England.

Artifacts for Rent?
A Harvard economist thinks there’s a way to cut down on the traffic in illegal antiquities: Let countries or institutions with the means rent artifacts from poorer countries that cannot afford to excavate or protect them.

Tracking the Phoenicians’ DNA

A researcher has been finding the genetic footprint of the ancient seafaring people along the trade routes they used—and has also stumbled into a very modern debate over identity.

X-Ray Vision

A new type of X-ray machine, touted as being far more powerful than its predecessors, will be used to peer into and decipher Dead Sea Scroll fragments that are too fragile to be unrolled.

Sprechen Sie Cuneiform?
A Web-based program translates English words into cuneiform or hieroglyphics.

Trying to Put a Stop to It

Prominent Israeli archaeologists and other leading figures have asked their country’s High Court of Justice to prevent further digging atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

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