Sunday, August 5, 2007

BAR Highlights: 8/5/07

More recent archaeological news from Biblical Archaeology Review:

Ancient Mariners

Researchers on the coast of Cyprus have discovered tools used by seamen as far back as 10,000 years ago.

Getty to Return 40 Objects to Italy
Facing an embargo from Italy, the Getty Museum has agreed to return 40 ancient objects that the nation claims were looted from within its borders. Among the objects is one of the Getty’s best-known holdings, a statue thought to represent the goddess Aphrodite.

Exploring Galilee Hideouts

A doctoral student is investigating caves near the Sea of Galilee that may have served as rebel hideouts in the Great Revolt against Rome (for a photo, click here).

Iraq to Renovate Prophet’s Tomb
The traditional site of the burial place of the Prophet Nahum and the synagogue of which it is a part, located about 25 miles north of Mosul, are slated to be renovated next year. Nahum is recognized as a prophet in the Jewish and Christian traditions and in Sunni and Shiite Islam.

Model Soldiers
Researchers say a virtual model of Qumran, the site near where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, shows that the settlement was originally built for warriors.

Egypt in the News
Several items from the land of the Pharaohs: Excavators have announced the discovery of the largest fort yet found from the pharaonic era and of underwater remains of the city at Alexandria from seven centuries before Alexander the Great established his city. And a British researcher suggests that a wooden toe on a mummy is the world’s oldest prosthetic device.

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