Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BAR Highlights: 8/22/07

More recent archaeological news from Biblical Archaeology Review:

New Tomb of Egyptian Noblewoman Uncovered
Archaeologists have uncovered the tomb of an Egyptian noblewoman in Saqqara, 15 miles south of Cairo. The stone coffin is from the 27th dynasty and is part of the royal burial grounds.

Ireland’s Earliest Breweries?
Two Irish archaeologists have proposed that the horseshoe-shaped, grass-covered mounds found throughout Ireland were in fact used for brewing beer, not for cooking as previously thought. The analysis has been rather tasty.

Returning Art
The Getty Museum’s return of several artifacts to Italy is a major international case, one that may set a precedent for other countries.

Math in Translation

A new book gives English translations of significant mathematical theories from the non-Western world in historical and mathematical context.

Mesopotamian Revivalism through Art

Iraqi artists in Baghdad have been hired to paint over the concrete slabs throughout the city with images of former kings and mythical scenes from pre-Islamic history.

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